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Besetzung Von Babylon Berlin Anyone Would Be Proud Of:

Creating a stellar cast for “Besetzung Von Babylon Berlin,” a critically acclaimed German television series set in the vibrant and tumultuous 1920s, requires actors who can embody the complexity and richness of the characters. Here’s a dream cast that would make anyone proud:

  1. Jonas Nay as Gereon Rath:
    Known for his versatility and depth, Jonas Nay would excel as Gereon Rath, the conflicted and determined police inspector grappling with his own demons while navigating the political intrigue of Weimar-era Berlin.
  2. Liv Lisa Fries as Charlotte Ritter:
    Liv Lisa Fries’s magnetic presence and nuanced performances make her the perfect choice to portray Charlotte Ritter, the ambitious and resourceful police clerk with aspirations of upward mobility.
  3. Tom Schilling as Alfred Nyssen:
    Tom Schilling’s intensity and charisma would bring Alfred Nyssen, the enigmatic and morally ambiguous businessman, to life with depth and complexity.
  4. Nina Hoss as Svetlana Sorokina:
    Nina Hoss’s elegance and commanding presence make her an ideal fit for the role of Svetlana Sorokina, the glamorous and mysterious Russian aristocrat entangled in Berlin’s underworld.
  5. Sebastian Koch as Edgar Kasabian:
    Sebastian Koch’s commanding presence and gravitas make him a natural choice for the role of Edgar Kasabian, the ruthless and calculating crime lord with a penchant for power.
  6. Hannah Herzsprung as Helga Rath:
    Hannah Herzsprung’s ability to convey depth and vulnerability would make her a compelling choice for Helga Rath, Gereon’s troubled and enigmatic love interest.
  7. Jannis Niewöhner as Stephan Jänicke:
    Jannis Niewöhner’s charisma and charm would make him a perfect fit for Stephan Jänicke, the charismatic and daring journalist with a penchant for danger.
  8. Lars Eidinger as Reinhold Gräf:
    Lars Eidinger’s intensity and range would make him a captivating choice for Reinhold Gräf, the charismatic and morally ambiguous nightclub owner with connections to Berlin’s underworld.
  9. Albrecht Schuch as Bruno Wolter:
    Albrecht Schuch’s ability to portray complexity and vulnerability would make him a strong contender for the role of Bruno Wolter, the conflicted and tormented police chief with a dark past.
  10. Barbara Sukowa as Käthe König:
    Barbara Sukowa’s strength and gravitas make her a natural choice for Käthe König, the tough and resilient police commissioner determined to uphold justice in a city rife with corruption.

With this stellar cast, “Besetzung Von Babylon Berlin” would continue to captivate audiences with its compelling characters and intricate storytelling, showcasing the talent and depth of German cinema and television.

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